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Sr. Data Architect



United States
Posted on Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Job Overview

In the transformative world of Web3, it is an individual’s fundamental right to own and control their digital identity. To ensure that the individual is paramount in Web3, we are developing tools that enable everyone to engage and transact online in a safe and trusted way. Individuals are in control of what information they choose to share and with whom they choose to share it. We are developing a pioneering platform that combines the power of social experiences with Web3 Identity. This platform will provide individuals with access to interactive 3D experiences, verified communities, trusted transactions, the ability to prove ownership of their creations, and visibility and control over the data collected about them -- all designed to empower and benefit every Web3 user.

What You Will Do

As a Data Architect, your role will be integral in architecting and implementing advanced data infrastructure, crucial for powering AI/ML models, Immersive Technology, and Web3 applications. You'll be responsible for designing scalable and secure data solutions, overseeing the development of robust data pipelines for machine learning models, and ensuring the seamless integration of blockchain technologies. Your technical expertise will not only guide the creation of data-intensive applications but also facilitate the strategic alignment of our data architecture with cutting-edge AI and Web3 initiatives, driving innovation and transformation across the organization.


Data Architecture, Design, and Implementation

  • Architecting, designing, and implementing dynamic data pipelines, utilizing both bespoke solutions and modern data platform technologies such as Apache Spark, Lambda, and Kinesis.
  • Developing and maintaining cloud platforms, system integrations, stream processing, and relational/non-relational data solutions, ensuring scalability, efficiency, and security.
  • Designing and implementing data warehouses and data lakes, focusing on data modeling for event-based and unstructured data, utilizing technologies like Redshift, BigQuery, MongoDB, DynamoDB and IPFS.

Leadership and Collaboration

  • Collaborating with developers and other architects, providing guidance in low-level design and implementation, fostering a collaborative and innovative development environment.
  • Collaborating with product, architecture, and development teams to unify requirements and deliver integrated solutions, ensuring that business needs are translated into concrete technical solutions.
  • Spearheading the architecture and engineering of significant data warehousing projects, collaborating closely with stakeholders to ensure alignment with business objectives and compliance with data governance standards.

Vendor Management and Technical Evaluation

  • Assisting with vendor acquisition, vetting, and technical evaluation for database technologies, ensuring that chosen solutions meet organizational standards for performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Leading the evaluation and adoption of data management, data governance, and stewardship initiatives and innovations, especially to ensure the integrity, privacy and security of data across all systems, platforms, and even jurisdictions (examples: obfuscation, anonymization, de-identification)


  • You have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, along with over 10 years of experience in data engineering and architecture.
  • Ideally, you have a proven track record of developing, designing, and architecting data-driven applications and data warehouses, showcasing deep expertise storing and protecting PII.
  • PHI experience would be nice to have but isn’t required.
  • While your focus will be data architecture, experience in data governance and stewardship practices will help you execute at the highest in this role.
  • Your leadership in data architecture projects, especially within cloud environments like AWS, demonstrates your adeptness in navigating and optimizing cloud-based solutions.
  • Additionally, experience with on-premises data solutions is needed that will ensure robust and secure data management across different environments.
  • You have familiarity with modern DevOps tools and practices, such as Kubernetes and Docker, underscoring your capability to streamline development and deployment processes.
  • You have experience supporting AI/ML teams in support of advanced analytics and machine learning projects, ensuring that infrastructure is as agile and scalable as the solutions it supports, paving the way for innovative data-driven decisions.
  • You have experience in startup environments. You are an effective communicator and a collaborative leader.

Additional Information


We believe that the decentralized nature of Web3 creates an opportunity for everyone to challenge the digital status quo—to own and control their identity, data, finances, creations, and future. This is the chance to get it right – to rally a movement of individuals focused on ensuring that Web3 belongs to everyone, not just to trillion-dollar companies. To fulfill this vision, we are seeking dynamic people who want to join us in leading the way to this new world.

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